Annie Helman

A Perfect Day

  A Perfect Day  
Arquivo de partitura musica incluindo uma licença para um número ilimitado de apresentaçoes, limitado por um ano
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CompositorCarrie Jacobs-Bond
Annie Helman
EditoraAnnie Helman
Gênero Clássico / Canção
Instrumentação Gravador tenor, Soprano Recorder, Alto Recorder, Bass Recorder
Composição paraQuarteto
Tipo de composiçãoPartitura completa, Partes
chave Sol (G) maior
duração 2'20"
dificuldade Easy
Ano de composição 1909
descripção This song, dating from 1909, belongs to the "parlor-song" genre - namely, songs that were played and sung, usually by bourgeois ladies (who could afford pianos), before guests in the drawing-room. The parlor-song reached its heyday at the turn of the 19. century, but has also been mentioned earlier, as for instance Miss Ingram in "Jane Eyre" or Mary Bennett in "Pride and Perjudice".
I have arranged this song for SATB recorder quartet. The full score, as well as the separate parts, are all included here in the PDF.
data de postagem 05 jan 2017


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