Annie Helman


Annie Dita Helman was born in Haifa, Israel. Her parents and relatives testify she could sing well before she could talk. (“To be honest,” she laughs,” I was a slow talker, having discovered I could mostly get what I wanted by singing.”)

Annie was six when, on visiting her friend, the two sets of parents heard “On the First Day of Christmas” – of all things - from Naomi’s room, tooted almost to perfection on her melodica. Dumbfounded, they rushed to see what was happening, knowing for a fact that little Naomi couldn’t actually play a thing, and young Annie had never touched a musical instrument before. Well, she did then, and found it good.

Upon this discovery, she trotted off to study piano 10 years at the Dunie Weizman Conservatory of Music in Haifa. Followed by clarinet and musicology studies at the Tel Aviv Academy of Music. However, at the same time she realized her potential for composing. Making music, she found, was infinitely more interesting than researching it.

She moved to Germany with her family and for some years had to do without a piano. She found an outlet for her creativity in arranging medieval and renaissance music with help of a keyboard and a few acoustic instruments, including toys. "To this day, whenever I hear the word 'anonymous' I reach for my derbouka or my toy tambourine," she grins.

When she finally bought a piano, her composing gained momentum in earnest. After being dragged kicking and screaming from her proverbial quill (pen) she purchased a music-notation program which she now grudgingly admits is infinitely more convenient.

Annie’s music has been played in various amateur circles.

- Jérôme Rosier, MA

  Annie Helman